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Webb Mountain

August 23 - 24, 2019

Mile 147.8 - Mile 157.8

Boulder Lake Trail, Thirsty Mountain Trail, Webb Mountain Trail, FR 228

Like the Bowman Lake section, we did this section from west to east. Our wonderful friends from Eureka, again, gave us an assist on this leg. I had the pleasure of being accompanied on this leg by our middle son. Our starting point was along FS road 4183 where it intersects Boulder Lake #62. We headed east on a gentle climb up Thirsty Mountain. Before the trail reached the top of the mountain it hugs its south edge and eases up on the grade even more. At about 4 miles from where we began, the trail joins the Webb Mountain Lookout Rd and the lookout was soon in our sights. This lookout requires a reservation and is very well equipt for a comfortable stay. We did a bit of exploring, soaked in amazing views, watched a storm roll in, cooked our supper on the outdoor fire pit, played cards til late and slept peacefully as the wood stove fire kept us warm. Saturday's trip down the mountain was four and a half miles of non-stop steep switchbacks. Though I don't particularly care for road walks, I was very grateful for this flat ground! During our one and a half mile road walk we experienced the thrill of seeing our first bear on the PNT. While crossing the Koocanusa Bridge we stopped to enjoy the views before reaching our vehicle on the east side of the bridge.

Koocanusa Bridge.jpg
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