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Eureka to Koocanusa Bridge

May 19, 2017

Mile 123.1-132.1

FS Road 100, Burma Rd, US 93

                           The first 6.5 miles followed a FS road with a gradual decline. To the east there were beautiful views of the Whitefish range                             including Independence Peak and Ksanka Peak. To the west you could see Koocanusa Lake in the distance. Other sights                               that day included aspen groves, Indian Paintbrush, Shooting Stars, Balsaam Root, meandering streams, and wild turkeys.                               The next 2.5 miles involved a shoulder walk along MT Hwy 93 to the south, toward the small town of Eureka. After a brief                               visit with some friendly horses our day's walk ended at the junction of Mt Hwy 93 and 37. This was an easy walk that took us about 3 hours with a lunch break and a few photo stops.


May 20, 2017

Mile 132.1 - Mile 140

Mt Hwy 93, Kootenai Rail Trail 255

The first 1.9 miles took us south through downtown Eureka. Immediately after crossing the Tabacco River, we turned west and connected with the Kootenai Rail Trail that followed the river for 6 miles toward Koocanusa Lake. Our early morning walk took us past lush green meadows with hundreds of Canadian geese. The trail connections along this stretch are tricky and took us a few tries to get it right. When you arrive at a campground along the river, be sure to stay on the trail that goes behind the campground. Then be on the lookout for a left turn at a wooden guard rail that leads you up the hill through a neighborhood. Once you have passed all the houses you will see the trail continue off to the left. From here to the Rexford Bench Campground the trail is well defined and has several PNT markers. Our day ended with finding a campsite and soaking up some sun on the shore of the Koocanusa Lake. Day 2 was also an easy walking day, although we probably put in an extra half mile or so trying to locate the correct trail at a few of the junctions.






May 21, 2017

Mile 140 - Mile 149.2

Kootenai Rail Trail 255, Mt Hwy 37, Koocanusa Bridge

The first 2.1 miles gave us outstanding views as we followed the south east shore of the lake as it narrowed into the Koocanusa River. We woke many sleepy deer as we wound our way along the shore to the rejoin Mt Hwy 37. This day would prove to be our toughest of the weekend. This shoulder walk is a little more than 7 miles of pavement that leads

to the Koocanusa Bridge. After a few miles of walking some distance from the river, views of the river began to reappear. About a mile before the bridge, Pinkham Creek cascades down from the east side of the road and passes under the road on it's way to the river. We finished our walk at the far west end of the Koocanusa Bridge, learning that it's name is

the combination of the words Kootenai, Canada and USA.  Looking north from the bridge you will see all the way to Canada. Spending a little time taking in this view was the perfect end to our our first PNT section hike! A huge thankyou

to my two cohorts and my good friends in Eureka who graciously provided lodging and transportation.

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