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Oyster Dome, Anacortes

April 26, 2019

Mile 923.1 - Mile 934.8

DNR Rd BL48, British Army Trail, Lizard Lake Trail, Connector Trail, Oyster Lily Trail, Samish Bay Trail, Chuckanut Trail, Chuckanut Drive, Edison Rd.

Let me start by saying we love hiking the Puget Sound area! It is so beautifully different from our Montana. This day started at a gated road on the east side of Summerland Rd. Finding The British Army Trail was tricky, but an earlier hiker left a note with an arrow pointing us in the right direction. About 4 miles into our hike we reached Lizard Lake with patches of giant lilies. We wound our way past huge boulders and moss covered stump faces as we approached Lily Lake. Shortly after Lily Lake we took a couple of right turns in less than a half mile and then a a short climb up to Oyster Dome. This short out and back was a very worthwhile side trip giving us spectacular views! Returning to Samish Trail we made our way down to Chuckanut Drive. We were pretty excited to see a PNT rock marker here. Leaving the trail for the day, we followed Chuckanut Drive and Edison Rd for a 4 mile road walk into Edison. This section was not hard, but the trek down from Oyster dome was pretty relentless and took a toll on a few knees.


April 27, 2019

Mile 948.5 - Mile 957.2

E March Point Rd., March Point Rd., Tommy Thompson Trail, 23rd St.

Last time we did a portion of the PNT around Anacortes we skipped a section that was primarily road walking. We thought we would get that done this trip. We started at the south east corner of what looks like a thumb of land to the east of the town of Anacortes. We followed the road up and around March Point. After rounding the Point, at about 5 miles from our starting point we turned right onto the Tommy Thompson Trail. The first part of this trail is a really cool bridge that crosses Fidalgo Bay and connects the "thumb" to downtown Anacortes. Once we hit the east edge of Anacortes, we followed the Bay until we turned left up 23rd St. About a mile and a half up 23rd we reached the end of our walk at a trailhead to the Anacortes Community Forest Lands. This was a pretty level walk with only a short climb at the end of 23rd St. Cement is not our favorite tread, but this beautiful area, warm breeze off the water, and warm sunshine felt wonderful and made our miles pass by quickly.

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