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The Plan

We realize that different people want and use different kinds and amounts of information. When we research a segment of trail, we appreciate every detail we can get our hands on. But there are many who want the bare bones and then love the mystery and the unknown of the trail before them. Our "plan" is to try and accomodate both preferences. In the drop down menu under Pacific Northwest Trail you will find sections that we have completed, a few stats, and a brief rundown of the section. If more information is what you are looking for, that can be found in the website blog where you will find a more detailed version of our experience on each trail section. The same set up will be used for the various Montana trail reviews. In the blogs we will include information like trail difficulty, suitable campsites, water sources, worthwhile side trips, and other notable sights and things to watch for. Alot of the information will be subjective and based on our personal experiences on the trail, but we will try to stick to the facts as well as we can remember them. Eventually, we hope to upload some video to give the viewer a better idea of what they will experience while on the trail.
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