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Red Meadow East
October 2, 2020
Mile 56.5- 57.9
Polebridge Loop, Northfork Road


We did a short section from Polebridge to Hay Creek Road Friday night.  It was a beautiful evening for a walk. 


October 3, 2020

Mile 57.9-72.2

Whitefish Divide Trail, Hay Creek Road

We did this section of the PNT from west to east. After beginning with a 500 foot climb, we reached an open side of the mountain with fantastic views to the southwest. The rest of the day took us down a gradual decline as the Whitefish Divide Trail forked to the south and we joined the Hay Creek trail and finally the Hay Creek Road. The fall colors were spectacular, especially near the where Hay Creek Trail transitions into Hay Creek Road.

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